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Date 24th May  2022

As some of you know ; we have had intruders again a couple of nights ago.

Unit 10 ’s Car was entered again for the second time.

We caught them on camera trying to get access to our vehicle and scared them off , there seems little point reporting to police.


The half way house down the road is no longer operating. Its been moved. However we still seem to attract thieves looking for an easy mark.

Possibly because we are one, of only two,  properties on our side of the road that dont have a gate for them to negotiate.


Dump Run

I will be doing another dump run with trailer on Monday the 30th May. If you have any thing that needs to be taken to the dump, let me know or bring over prior the 30th.



Road Verge Irrigation 

I have done the sprinklers on the Eastern side of the driveway now. That now completes that project. The total cost ended up being around $500 ( if you remember all 5 quotes came in over $3,000

I got some help from Lisa ,En and my son. But did most of it on my own. Its not done to the standard I had originally intended but being labeled an unethical cheat after the AGM did not inspire me to commit  to "above and beyond" principals…

However, I have done what I said we could do. It all works and will water both the old and new strips of the verge .

The sprinkler water delivery is such that it may require some trial and error to determine how long they need to run each day to keep the grass alive.  At this stage I am suggesting 10 minutes each day .

Too what extent the sprinklers are used to maintain the verge area is up to body corporate.  I have done a cost analysis  for you below.


I have measured the water usage. I did not just take the sprinklers documented flow rates for calculations, I actually  measured the amount of water captured from several sprinklers  and  correlated this with the actual water meter readings.

There are 14 sprinklers in total if they run for 10 minutes they will discharge close enough to 395 (400)  litres of water (Eastern Side discharges less for the same given time period due to less pressure  than the Western side.


Power and Water Authority charge   $2.0064 per kilolitre of water.  That is around 1cent per 5 litres of water. 


400 litres = 0.80 cents Running the sprinklers for 10 minutes a day will cost  80 cents a day 

The dry season (178days) est= 400 ltrs x 178 =   71,200 litres     71.2 kilo-litres    71.2 x $ 2.00 =     $142.40.   

So if sprinklers are run 10 minutes a day it will cost us around $143 a year.

 If run them 10 minutes in morning AND 10 minutes in evening thats $1.60 + a day or  $285 a year


Should not change current bill much as we have been watering the original front  fence strip at close to same rate  in past years.

Just as a matter of interest .. Looking into it — the complex uses around  3, 200 kL a year which equates to-- each unit using approximately 320 thousand  litres a year  which equates  to 876 litres of water each day

876 x10 =8,760 by 365 days = 3million 197thousand 4 hundred litres of water.. It seemed a lot to me, …. but turns out we  exactly match the average Northern Territory  household consumption of water for the year 2020-  being 0.32 megaliters a year


Next committee meeting very soon

If you have anything you think committee need to discuss please let one of committee members know.

Date 20th Feb  2022
Verge Sprinklers

Peter was given permission at last committee meeting to start purchasing material for installing the verge sprinklers.

He has finished the Western side of the driveway. The western side was the more involved and slight more expensive side as it involved bring a water tap source from the meter to the fence. A new controller mounted inside a lockable box is mounted on the fence. This negates having to enter unit 10 yard when accessing the controller unit. The installation of the Western side came to $317.66 .  For a full account of this view the linked report.  Peter is seeking reimbursement for the west side before commencing the Eastern side of drive way. Its estimated that the eastern side will only cost around $150. This would take the actual cost of the whole project cost less than $500

Date 11th Feb  2022
Palm Frond Dump Run 

The Body Corporate Committee has arranged for a Monthly Palm Frond Trailer  to take palm fronds to the dump

You can now stack palm fronds behind the bin compound , not in front where the tap is but behind the compound (eastern side) amongst other palms there.  Peter from Unit 9 will let you know the dates.

If you have any other garden waste let Peter know prior to the date and he will arrange for that to also be taken to the dump for you.

Sorry car was recalled for a fix. Dates when my car is back on road.

Date 8th Feb  2022
Next General Meeting

There are two issues that the Body Corporate must resolve.  At the last AGM Committee was asked to provide options for going forward.  This link provides an up-to-date overview & discussion on those options.

Date 8th Feb  2022
Email Proxy Meeting Explained

Method used to hold a meeting when everyone is unavailable. Essentially an email vote.

Date 21 Jan 2022
Minutes of Committee Meeting 

First Committee meeting for the year 2022 was held on 19th Jan . There was a total of 10 Resolutions made. The  minutes of the meeting are now available

Date 14 Jan  2022
Insurance Notification

Unit 5 has notified all that she is lodging an insurance claim to cover the replacement  of her shade sail that  was damaged in the recent strong winds. Thanks Lisa for acknowledging that all members should be aware of  claims made against the owners corporation insurance policy. Lets hope others follow your example.

The claim was accepted and Unit 5 Paid the excess of $500.

Date 14 Jan  2022
Invoice Rejected

Castle received and invoice for repair of  tap and shower washer leaks . Which was put to Committee . It was rejected as the committee believe  the maintenance of taps within the units are an owner’s expense and not maintained by the Body Corporate. 

Date 23 Dec  2021

Receipts totalling $193.42,  provided by Peter and Malcolm, will be tabled at the coming committee meeting . For more information and to view receipts . Click the view button below.These receipts were approved at Committee meeting 19th Jan 22 and reimbursement have been paid 

Date 16 Dec  2021
New Tenant Unit 6 

New tenant Isabella has moved into unit 6. She was welcomed and handed a copy of the House Rules. Isabellas husband is Amanuel (sorry not sure of spelling. They two children .

Date 15 Dec  2021
Matter arising from  AGM

There were several matters raised during the AGM. Most were deferred to the committee .

Date 14 Dec  2021
Rulings -  2 and 3

Received 2nd and 3rd response from Director, Policy Coordination and the Unit Titles Schemes Supervisor.
About the powers of the body corporate to delegate functions to the committee. And another  regards the practice of parking vehicles on the common property court yard area. .

See section Rulings on the Information page or use view button below

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