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Copy of the a Desktop, Propety Valuation for Insurance purpose."Done by Body Corporate Insurance Valuations" of 2020 

Here is a copy of the Certificate of Currency For the Proprietors of Unit Plan 2000/29 and details of the cover.

This is the renewal offer from MGA acting as Insurance broker

This is the policy Product Disclosure Statement and the Policy Wording

Copies of minutes of  AGM  from  2014 on wards

Copies of committee meeting minutes  from 2018 onwards

General permissions granted by the body corporate.

Proxy Form ..Here you can download and printout  blank pdf proxy form. You can email and request a copy in MS Word or other formats if needed.

Set of Current regulations and guidelines adopted by the body corporate for harmonious living within the 17 Cormorant Street Complex.

The Articles of Corporation are a set of regulations set for the control management and administration of common property

The Unit Titles Act 1975 currently in force

The Unit Titles (Management Modules) regulations 2009

currently inform

Report  Summarising the 2020-2021 roof project

 Termite Report conducted in 2021

Budget for this year

View your own owners account via the Castle Portal

The paint theme for units . Paint colours profiles formulas . Specifications

Copies of the unit plan 2000/29 which was registered  on the 15th March 2000

A copy of the Castle Real Estate Management Agreement. 

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