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Body Corporate Manager

Contact for Daniel Ferguson .. The current Body Corporate Manager  from. Castle Real Estate 

Link will take you to the Owners Portal Your account and financials

A copy of the Castle Real Estate Management Agreement. 

List of committee members and contact info.  As ofJan 2023

House Rules

The most important information for new tenants is our House Rules. a list of  guidelines adopted by all for harmonious living within the 17 Cormorant Street Complex. 

Emailed Proxy Meeting

This is a method of conducting an email meeting 

Bakewell Community Page 

We are part of theBakwell community and the below link is for the Bakewell Community Facebook page. The page has over 3,000 members.  It can at times be very useful for lost and found pets and neighbour hood watch type security notifications. Also community updates from the local member for Brennan. 

Transport   Bus Time Table  &  Taxi

Details of Palmerston Bus service,  Minicab and Taxi services

Unit Colour Scheme & Paint Formulas 

Details the colours used when units were last painted. And also provides the formulas for mixing paint at Bunnings etc.

The  Trees on Verge

We have heard talk of by-laws ,house-rules and the articles of corporation,  what do they mean to us. Why are they important to us.  Can the body corporate use to articles to remedy some of it current issues.

Where Does Your Money Go

Some owners or their partners or other members of their family, not particularly versed in body corporate affairs often just want to know how the money they pay in fees is being spent... This is a summary at a glance

Motions explained

This section defines the different types of resolutions. When voting.


Rulings or Interpretations of the legislation. These are a collection of replies for assistance sought from the Unit  Titles Schemes Supervisor and the Director of Policy Coordination , due to the frustration of receiving differing rulings provided by our 8 body corporate managers over the last 3years. I this was an effort aimed at seeking a more definitive interpretation of the legislation from a highly reliable source.

The link below will take you to the page that is titled , for want of a better term,   "Rulings"


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