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Common Property Parking

We have been told we can not park on the common property.  I have spent some time researching this.  My finding thus far would have to disagree. 

We are not using our our most powerful function

The Unit Titles Act we are under provides us with a means of tailoring the regulations to suit our particular circumstances and we are not taking advantage of it.

Gates or Access for units without 

Three units in the complex do not have outside access to their backyards. Some say there used to be gates. That have been removed.

Pet Approvals

Here is result of some research into the issue of body corporate pet approval process. The current system of a waiting for a majority vote of a general meeting is not working.

Website Could Be a Great Tool

A 17 Cormorant Website such as this example site you are on now could be a great Total Transparency Tool for all owners and residents. Keeping everyone up to date.



Issue of storm water run-off .. Thoughts . Committee has to be careful about this one dont rush in. Getting quotes. 

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