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Please note as of AUG 2021 I am still working on improving this... If you have any further info or know I have something wrong or not quite correct or have a better solution please by all means speak up as I would like this information below , for future reference to be as correct and as useful as possible

Colour scheme is based on Colorbond Colours.


However Please note:

Have heard the saying “ Not all colorbond paints are created equal” well you have now.



Colorbond paints have been revised. 


Dulux Colorbond paint was revised in 2014

Taubmans Colorbond paints were revised in 2020

British Paints colorbond paint was revised in 2013


The resultant colours are very similar but they are not

Buddha’s Painting Service Used Taubmans and colorbond colours but its become apparent that they did at times get a bit creative mixing and extending.

The thing is. That back when we were discussing the proposition of repainting the units we decided to go along with theh colour scheme that the painter had suggested would work. However they did not use the colorbond colors that were first suggested to us and on file in emails . They were changed slightly.

In summary our colour scheme broadly speaking is :

Roof    ............ colorbond    surfmist

Walls  ............ colorbond   Shale Grey

Pillars..... ......a custom version of 

                          colorbond  Windspray

Metal Facias..  colorbond  Monument

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 12.00.05 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 12.00.20 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 12.00.47 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 12.00.33 am.png



This info is the paint  formula that our walls should be.. This is from information I wrote down from original tin Buddha was using.  Our walls should be  as per the new sticker below.

Taubmans colorbond “SHALE GREY”  low sheen 


HOWEVER. Getting an exact match was difficult. Perhaps due to paint being exposed to UV sunlight for several years either that,  or Buddha's painters were adding water to extend their tins of paint . The sticker below is what the formula should be for our walls .. Having used this I can see it blends better on some of our walls than it does others maybe there is a slight difference on the walls that got two coats of paint and those that only got one coat. ?

The formula line below will change with size of tin.  But a supplier like Bunnings can use the formula the last line on the sticker below to adjust for what ever size tin is required 


If you go to Bunnings all you need to do is show them this sticker above and you will get paint that  matches our walls pretty close.  The above is for reference really as thats what it was supposed to be and like I say is very close .


However if you want a match thats better at this point in time on all areas of walls use this info below. [ for walls only]


Brand British Paints

Colorbond Shale Grey

Library British _W. LIB / BlueScope Steel colorbond

Base Can :  British White / 0.25L L

Formula :

EE   OY    1.75     G     OY  0.25     M    OY 4


I believe the formula typed just above using British Paints matches our walls the best (as of August 2021)


Our columns where supposed to be WINDSPREY and there are in fact very close to WINDSPRAY  However Buddha mixed Windspray with another neutral grey to extend supply .   I mixed Dulux paint pot samples to produce the colour in image below. You will see the colorbond Windspray is close but darker.  My mixture will blend in undetectable with existing colour of the cement pillars of car ports.

Had them run it through the computer and if you take the sticker below to Bunnings they will give the correct colour paint  for the columns

Using Dulux Paint

Please note I havn't actually tested this formula yet as had my own paint mix and havn't had to paint any columns yet .. Had Bunnings run my mix through the paint analyser  to get this formula  but it needs to be tested out  I will get a sample pot made in coming days to verify it


 The roofs are painted colorbond SURFMIST 

The sticker below has the correct formula for Bunnings to provide correct colour for roofs

Using British Paints


The steel work facias and gutters are colorbond  MONUMENT

This sticker will get you the correct version of MONUMENT to perfectly match our steel work.

Using British Paints
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