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Current Projects

Current Projects that require quotes

1   Front Verge- Council beautification program- in progress 
2   New  Manager  - Currently in a probationary period
3  Drainage and storm water run off management 
View any receipts for cash expenditure on current projects. Reimbursements  are authorised at committee meetings

Verge Irrigation Project

I have commissioned 5 quotes to supply and install a permanent irrigation system for keeping both sides of the footpath and both sides of the driveway watered.  Apart from the quotes for us doing ourselves  all other quotes have the  sprinklers squirting from the road side towards the fence., that way if it over shoots the apex of its spray arc it will be on the gardens within our front fence and not the road.  The sprinklers will have protected collars to withstand cars driving over them. However going under the footpath is more expensive and has some associated problems. Our quote for doing it ourselves has the sprinklers squirting towards the road and does not involve tunnelling under the foot path.

Update 20th Feb 2022

Peter was given permission at last committee meeting to start purchasing material for installing the verge sprinklers.

He has finished the Western side of the driveway. The western side was the more involved and slight more expensive side as it involved bring a water tap source from the meter to the fence. A new controller mounted inside a lockable box is mounted on the fence. This negates having to enter unit 10 yard when accessing the controller unit. The installation of the Western side came to $317.66 .  For a full account of this view the linked report.  Peter is seeking reimbursement for the west side before commencing the Eastern side of drive way. Its estimated that the eastern side will only cost around $150. This would take the actual cost of the whole project cost less than $500

Click on quote below to see full details

Body Corporate Management  Project

Currently in 3-6 month  probationary period to assess suitability and compatibility as we move more towards having a better appreciation of our governing  legislation 

It would seem fees are similar.  North Management cheaper but additional service charges may bring it in line with Whittles the most expensive

Local guys Elite Strata Management and Castle Body Corp Management  figured well

The Committee did not have a lot of time to research the suitability of  all management options.

Committee went with Castle ,however, some committee had concerns about processes and wether they would suit us.

We are still in a trail stage, and the new committee is committed to full cooperation and will reassess the choice in the new year.

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Storm Water Run Off

For many years now storm water run off has been somewhat of a nuisance for some owners and residents. 

Last time the pavers were redone a few design mistakes were made. Two quite significant ones that most would not be aware of unless you take the time to walk around with an umbrella during a downpour. One of the more troubling problems is the collection of water in Unit 6 carport. Due to a number of factors , water runs into  one of the complex's waste water overflow vents and water sits throughout  the wet season against the besser block wall of unit 6, which some suggest may cause whats termed cement cancer.  A very poor design fault in laying the pavers means water is channelled directly to Unit 4's front door and down through her carport to the retaining wall . Similar happens at unit 6 for different reasons.  There are other annoying run off issues that do not need to exist.

Possible solutions are being discussed.

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