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17 Cormorant St Bakewell NT


Your on Site Contact for Assistance

Peter Brady. Unit 9    Peter is the Chairperson of the Body Corporate Committee

Peter will help you with any onsite problems, concerns or questions you may have 


Each of the units incorporate an undercover carport for two cars. If you have more than 2 cars, the others need to be parked out the front on the street. You can park temporarily for short periods one the adjacent common courtyard BUT you must not do so in a way that makes it difficult for other residents to access their unit carports. Excessive or exclusive use of the common court yard in front of units for parking is NOT allowed . Please respect this directive. 

Bin Compound

Please do not put Palm fronds in the bin compound

​Yellow lid bins - for recyclable materials.  Collected every Thursday

Red lid bins - for general waste Collected on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Blue lid bin - for HPA recycled bottles and cans only.

Bins are collected from the bin enclosure and do not need to be placed on the kerb.
For more info on bins see House Rules link

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Currently you are required to get permission from the body corporate to have pets. Pet application process is currently under review. If you have a pet or intend to get a pet you may be required to agree to abide by a set of pet approval house rules. Contact Peter from Unit 9 for further update on this.

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