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Website could be a great tool

The website could serve a number of purposes, leaving bodycorp email trails for the more important matters and notifications.


Its not just for Committee The web site allows all owners and residents a means of keeping up to date with whats going on. Its a very transparent tool.


News section of website would keep all informed of issues and events.


W are hoping it will also greatly reduce the amount of email discussion and debate thats gone on in past , as there is a section on website where issues can be discussed that doesn’t involve email.   It will leave email free for important notices and official  things that need a response .


We see this as working in conjunction with the Castle web portal which  focuses mainly on owners accounts and  financials. And in the interest of keeping everything in one place the Castle Owners Portal can be accessed directly from the website too.


This is list of all info that can be accessed. 

  • House Rules

  • Bus timetable for nearest bus stop

  • Insurance certificate of currency

  • Most recent Property Valuation 

  • Unit paint colours and the formulas for matching the paint

  • Links to the Bakewell Community site

  • Ability to download or print  a Proxy form

  • Copy of the Unit Plan

  • Current Termite report.

  • Copies of ALL  AGM and Committee meeting minutes ( still collecting some of those)

  • Copy of permissions granted by body corporate in past general meetings

  • Direct Access to Castle Real Estate “Owners portal”

  • A copy of the Body Corporates- Castle  Management Agreement

  • Direct access to Unit Titles Act  and  Management Modules  and Articles of Corporation

  • Copy of the Approved  Budget

  • Responses to applications for assistance from Director for Policy Coordination and Unit Titles Schemes Supervisor on interpretations of  legislation .

  • Project information and quotes and receipts associated with  current projects eg. verge and drainage,  etc.

  • Access to any quotes received.

  • Access to discussion on issues such as common area parking, pet approval, ect. 


It will free up email and provide an archive of information


At moment the website is a domain 17 cormorant .com  is owned by Peter Brady but Peter is willing to gift it to the Owners Corporation so that the Body Corporate  own the domain. The hosting of this website in subsequent years would cost as little as $120 year.

If the owners corporation had its  own domain, we could if we wanted, have Body Corporate emails.

Each member having a BC email address that would keep all BC stuff separated from your normal business and private email accounts..for example:


There a lot of possible uses for the website.

Peter is willing to maintain the site indefinitely wether he is on the committee or not. But also willing to teach anyone else how to use the wix app to maintain the site, its quite easy.


 Glenda RAMSEY. 11th Jan 2022

I think this is an excellent way to access information about what is going on at 17 Cormorant Street in a ordered way. I agree that the fee for this site seems reasonable.

 Lisa Cadd 12th Jan 2022

Oh my gosh, I have just had a look and this is absolutely amazing. What an awesome idea and that all owners can access and know what is happening at Cormorant st. I love this idea. Thank you Peter, you have put so much time and work into this. Great idea and fantastic work.

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