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GATES or ACCESS for units without

Unit 2. Unit 6 and Unit 8 do not have any external access to there back yards.

The owners of these units would argue that is not acceptable that they or their tenants are required to carry garden waste and palm fronds through their living rooms to dispose of them.


Stan father of the owner of Unit 6 has suggested that regular access be made by mutual arrangement with adjoining neighbour. This would then require passing stuff over the fence.


With things like outdoor furniture it is hard to near impossible to negotiate through unit and out backdoor of those units, 2, 6 and 8. Moving things like outdoor furniture over the fence is not easy job either. I am suggesting that it should be possible to install an access gate in the fence between neighbouring units locked and kept locked by the neighbour that controls carport access. Only unlocking and opening upon a mutually agree date a time whenever access is required.


However the carports are private property and owners would be very reluctant to have any documented resolution in place allowing others to trespass. And therefore it will likely remain up to carport owners if they wish to show some neighbourly compassion from time to time and assist the neighbour with getting items in or out of their back yard.

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