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Date 1st  March  2023

We have received renewal terms for your Body Corporate insurance, 

There has been an increase of 10.99%, or $705.00, from $6,415.00 to $7,120.00.

You can find the renewal letter and Policy Wording  under insurance on the documents page.

Date 1st  March  2023
Replacement Unit 3 Isolation valve

Alex G Plumbing replaced the faulty valve that was installed upside down at unit 3 with a stainless steel ball valve , which dont require washers and should last a very long time.  The cost was $385.00 which was very good considering we got quotes of ranging from $500 to $900 

Date 23rd  Feb  2023

There was a committee meeting held on the 11th Feb .... followed by an extra General meeting held on the 13th Feb 2023

Date Jan 2023
Old News 

Link to record of old news items ... (Note : Not complete record)

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